Bangkok Girl Friendly Hotels

Peggy-5One of the most common requests we get are for guest friendly hotels in Bangkok. Bangkok is very fortunate to be a city which is generally very guest friendly, especially when it comes to hotels close to its many red light districts. With that said, not every hotel is guest friendly, and some which claim to be will still charge high joiner fees for bringing guests back to your room.

From listening to the worries of our valued customers we’ve also noticed that a lot of Bangkok guest friendly hotel sites are outdated and inaccurate, and list some hotels which aren’t guest friendly. Based on the feedback and recommendations of our customers here is a definitive list of Bangkok hotels which are guest friendly and also great for service, style, and comfort:

Luxury Hotels

Luxury hotels are places we value very highly and recommend to our VIP guests. These are hotels were style and service are of the highest order. The great thing about Bangkok luxury hotels are that many of them are at the fraction of the cost you would pay in most Western cities.

intercontinental-bangkokIntercontinental Bangkok HotelBOOK HERE

We have several regular clients who swear by the Intercontinental Bangkok Hotel and won’t stay anywhere else when in Bangkok. It’s hard to argue against their choice, location wise it’s close to major nightlife, fine dining, lots of places of interest, and well connected to the rest of the city.

Essentially, the Intercontinental Bangkok is very stylish and has a whole host of facilities including 5 notable restaurants (our favorite being the Grossi Trattoria and Wine Bar), and a 5-star Spa well worth a visit even if you aren’t staying here.

Grande SUkhumvitGrande Sukhumvit HotelBOOK HERE

Another popular choice, the Grande Sukhumvit Hotel have mastered the arts of luxury style and service; we’ve recommended this central Bangkok hotel to many guests over the years and only ever had positive feedback.

Again, location wise this is perfect for business and pleasure, and with facilities such as the yummy Bonbon delicatessen, and an incredible poolside bar (Aziza), you may find you spend a lot of your time at the hotel (especially if you select the right company!).

aloftAloftBOOK HERE 

The Aloft is the trendy choice, and always is always recommended to our more young at heart guests and those who wish to explore Bangkok’s nightlife. Located on the buzzing cosmopolitan Sukhumvit soi 11, you’ll be literally surrounded by fantastic eateries, bouncing bars, and classy clubs.

Rooms here are cool, comfortable, with just the right amount of chic to make them click. The hotel really does have a trendy and stylish vibe, with an awesome pool and gym, and several stylish bars and restaurants onsite, including the popular and youthful nightclub, Levels.

Mid Range

Bangkok has many mid-range hotels which are guest friendly. We consider a mid-range hotel to be something around the 2000 to 3000 Baht mark. Despite this low price, the mid-range hotels we suggest have very high standards, and would be more comparable to something of at least twice the price in most Western cities.

Dynasty Inn GrandeDynasty Inn GrandeBOOK HERE

The Dynasty Inn Grande is one hotel I consistently recommend to clients and friends who are looking for a more value for money hotel but still require a high standard of room in terms of style and comfort.

The rooms tick all the boxes, being extremely spacious, comfortable, and very well kept, and it’s located close to lots of nightlife, great eating, and a short taxi ride to the business and commercial zone. While the Dynasty Inn Grande doesn’t have the mass of facilities you’ll get with the luxury hotels already mentioned, it does still have a very nice pool and a well equipped gym, not to mention a decent restaurant and round-the-clock room service.

Davis HotelDavis HotelBOOK HERE

The Davis Hotel has long been something of a hidden gem, and our go-to hotel for VIP party bookings, as their sauna suites are perfect for bachelor parties and wild wild nights. The location isn’t perfect but it’s still pretty good, and with great facilities and rooms perfect for playing in, many guests we recommend to stay here end up spending most of their trip in the room having a mind-blowing time.

While the Davis actually has luxury facilities and staff who will treat you like a VIP, the hotel does have some rooms which fit into the mid-range hotel pricing. These rooms may be a little smaller than the stunning Jacuzzi and sauna suites, but they don’t skimp on style or comfort, and you still get use of all the facilities and services

Lower Budget

Occasionally we get asked about short time rooms or low budget rooms which are clean, comfortable, and discreet. Without hesitation we always recommend Studio Sukhumvit 18.

Studio 18Studio Sukhumvit 18BOOK HERE

Bangkok short time rooms and budget hotels rarely meet the standards our clients are used to, but Studio Sukhumvit 18 is a very friendly, stylish, clean and comfortable hotel, which most importantly is in a very discreet location with great staff.

Not only are the rooms perfect for a little naughty fun, they also offer short time rates starting at 700 Baht for 3 hours, and have some Jacuzzi suites perfect for private parties.



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