Bangkok Outcall Massage

massageBangkok is infamous for its massage services. Many tourists come here with wet dreams of what goes on behind the magic massage curtain, and who hasn’t heard of the ‘happy ending?’ Only not all massages end that happy.

The problem is the vast majority of Bangkok massage services don’t advertise any kind of happy ending or sexual pleasure, even when they are available. Some customers are left extremely frustrated when they realize there are only limited happy ending options available or none at all! The majority of massage services will gladly tease you and build up the sexual tension only to hit you up with extravagant extra fees and a mood killing list of prices and options. More often than not, it’s not the exotic, passionate, sexually spectacular experience you had hoped it would be.

If you’re looking for a genuine Bangkok outcall massage where everything is on the menu at no extra charge (and we mean everything!), then you’ve cum to the right place..

Lexi515-coverA typical outcall massage service..

The Bangkok Pure Escorts are experienced in all the right ways. Are lovely ladies are trained in Nuru massage techniques and know exactly how to get all those knots and tension flushing out of your body, but they also know how to push the right buttons.

With our outcall massage service you’ll get a full no-rush head to toe massage, with every inch of your body worked on with expert attention, making sure your body is relieved of any kind of tension. Once you are feeling totally relaxed and at ease you’ll slowly and sensually be teased..

massage 2At first you’ll begin to notice those soft, innocent, girly fingers exploring with a little extra curiosity. Paying particularly sensual attention to your nipples, your lower back, and the tops of your thighs, you’ll start to feel the sexual throbbing growing in your groin. Rubbing closer and closer to your ass and groin the excitement will start to become unbearable, and you’ll want to start running your hands up your hot young masseuse’s legs, sliding your fingers into her panties, grasping her huge, soft tits, and making uncontrollable, animalistic love together!

And that’s exactly what can happen..

Annie (5)How to book..

If this is the Bangkok Outcall Massage service you want then we are here to make it happen. If you are in Bangkok now and looking for an immediate or same day booking, give us a call tel:+66842191077. If you are planning the experience in advance then send us an email with your desires and details.

When contacting us let us know that you’d like the Outcall Massage Special and give us any particular details of what you’d like to happen, and we’ll inform your chosen girl and make sure she knows exactly what to deliver.

You can browse our list of girls and see all their individual services, and choosing the girl (or girls!) that you desire the most. If you are not sure who to choose, need to know more about an particular girl, or have some special services you’d like performed, simply contact us and tell us everything and we’ll take care of the rest.

We promise to make this a massage experience you’ll never want to forget..

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