How to have an amazing 3some in Bangkok

There’s a certain art to having a proper 3some. Anyone can pick up 2 girls from an escort agency or bar in Bangkok, you might even meet find some girls or a couple who just seem to fit what you are looking for, however, as most 3some first timers find out, there’s a big difference between fact and fantasy.

That is not to say you should prepare yourself for disappointment. Even if you are trying to arrange your first ever 3some, there are plenty of things you can do in preparation to make sure you pick the right partners, have the right attitude, and enjoy it!

Kate-5What exactly are you looking for?

Most of the preparation for a good 3 some comes down to your own attitude and desires. Most importantly you need to work out what it is that you want and then you can try to arrange it. Here is our brief guide to having an amazing 3some:

The single guy’s guide

If you’re a single guy there are a few different things to think about, most importantly, what do you want the girls to do? Are you looking for more of a heterosexual experience where the girls both give all their attention to you, with no lesbian contact? OR do you prefer a more bisexual experience where the girls also make love to each other as well as to you?

Whatever your choice, from our experience we find that bisexual girls give a much better 3some then heterosexual (straight) girls, even if you don’t require the girls to play together. The simple reason is that even if the girls are not expected to play together by being bisexual it means that they are more comfortable and experienced in play in front of another girl. If you take two girls who are not lesbian or bisexual they may well feel uncomfortable performing in front of another girl, especially if they are friends.

Another great thing about taking two genuinely bisexual girls is  that you can start your session with a lesbian show. Having your first 3some can be a nervy experience and you may feel a little intimidated at first, but if you have 2 girls who love to play with each other, having them start to caress, kiss, and make love together is a great way of putting you in the mood, making you feel more relaxed, and teasing you into some wild wild fun.

Sabina-4The couple’s guide

If you are an existing male and female couple the experience can be very different. Again, having a great 3some starts with working out exactly what you want, and as a couple that starts with good communication and being honest.

Both lay down exactly what you want, and also what you don’t want! You may want to discuss whether you have more voyeuristic tendencies or want to be the centre of attention whether you want to take a more dominant and controlling role, or whether you wish to be more submissive.

As a result of good communication you should now have an idea of how you both want the 3some to go, and if you have very different ideas you will either need to find a compromise or scrap the whole idea (there is nothing worse than having a 3some with your partner which leaves someone feeling very disappointed). To make things clear it’s worth laying down some ground rules of what each of you do and don’t want to happen.

Passion Vs Porn

If you’ve watched a lot of porn (and who hasn’t?) you might be lusting after a hardcore experience which is all sex, sex, sex, getting into as many naughty positions as humanly, but there is an alternative, and perhaps you should rethink diving straight into a hardcore situation.

From our experience we’ve found that a lot of guys actually prefer their 3some to start softer and more sensual. Starting more with more passion allows for a lot of teasing and temptation, helping to slowly heighten your senses. As previously mentioned, letting the girls give you a lesbian show is a very hot way of building up your sexual tension, but if you prefer to be at the centre of attention you may want to try a 4 hands massage, and let the girls work out those knots and get you groaning with pleasure.

How to make it happenErika-5

OK, you have a much clearer idea of what you want, but how are you going to get it? We highly recommend using our escort services, or those of an escort agency you trust.

When speaking to girls online or in a bar they will always tell you what you want to hear, it is their job to get you to take them and they will often make promises they can’t quite keep. So often we hear stories of guys who found a freelancer or bar girl who said all the right things, and even brought a long a friend who they promised would be perfect for your 3some, only to have a disappointing experience where the girls were clearly uncomfortable and inexperienced. Unless you know the girls from a previous experience of a trusted recommendation, it’s always a bit of a gamble.

By using an escort agency such as this one you get to speak to someone who knows all the girls and just what they can and can’t do, and more importantly, what they enjoy. You can tell us the exact experience you are looking for and the type of girls you’d like and we will give you all the best options for you to choose you girls for your 3some experience.

It’s in our and your best interest to give you exactly what you want, and while you are welcome to choose any of our girls for your 3some experience, we definitely advise that you tell us what kind of 3some experience you are looking for so that we can tell you if you’ve selected an appropriate girl, and if not, we can make some alternative suggestions.


If you would like to try an amazing 3some experience while you are here in Bangkok or Thailand, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll make sure you have that fantasy you’ve always dreamed of.






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