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Naughty Philippines We have been working with the escort booking platform Smooci for other a year now and we cannot praise them enough. Not only have they revolutionized the escort scene in Bangkok but they are now expanding and we are very happy to support their launch in Manila this month.

Smooci Manila will be the biggest and most unique escort booking site in the Philippines. Having teamed up with the largest escort agencies in the country, including Manila Courtesans, Naughty Philippines, Horny PH, and Trans Courtesans, Smooci have promised to have over 100 girls and ladyboys signed up in Manila by the end of May. Checking their site now (12 May 2018) they currently have 47 girls and 12 ladyboys online and they only launched 2 days ago, so they are well on target.

Smooci Manila promises to be as large and successful as it is in Bangkok (which is now the biggest Escort booking site in Thailand).

Why choose Smooci Manila Escorts

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Smooci have high standards and they pride themselves on having great customer service, providing genuine, unedited reviews, and offering GPS tracking, becoming known the Uber of escorts.

On Smooci Clients can make live searches of 100’s of girls, ladyboys, freelancers, bar girls, and escorts from the best escort agencies in the city. All reviews and ratings are 100% verified and you can book your date in a few simple clicks.

Bookings are confirmed in fewer than 5 mins and when your date is on the way to meet you they also send you a link to GPS track your dates to your door, like ordering a pizza (make that a spicy, creamy one!).

After your booking you also get to leave a rating and review of your Escort which will then appear as verified on her profile.

Free Premium Memberships

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One of the great things about the launch of Smooci Manila is that the current premium memberships are not locked to one place. So if you are already a premium member in Bangkok, you can use that same login to search and book girls when in Manila!

Also, if you are a Pure Bangkok Escorts client and travelling to Manila, please let smooci know and they will give you a free one-month trial for your Manila trip (this offer is currently until the end of June 2018).

Simply email them [email protected] and let them know you are a Pure Bangkok Escorts client traveling to Manila and would like the trial membership.

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