Nuru Massage Bangkok

Marry-1You may have heard the term Nuru massage or body-to-body massage before, especially in Bangkok or around Thailand. But while several escort companies are quick to offer Nuru massages services few have the staff qualified to really give a service that qualifies to be a legitimate Nuru Massage. That’s where Pure Bangkok are the exception; Pure Bangkok have escorts who are fully trained in Nuru massage and can give a service that is comparable to the finer body massage shops in Thailand, but being an escort agencies they can also combine the massage services with more erotic, kinky, and unusually requests.

What is Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage is a unique form of body to body massage which is extremely sensual. With both you and the masseuse being totally naked, you are massages by your masseuse’s bare body. Using special techniques the masseuse will uses her breasts and smooth legs to give you an erotic form of massges which both relaxes and stimulates.

Nuru is traditionally iperformed with special Nuru gel which intensifies the feeling of body to body contact. The gel is made from seaweed and is very cool and will instantly give you a nice tingling sensation, which is amplified further when you start to feel the masseuse’s naked body start to slide across your own.

The word Nuru actually means ‘slippery’ in Japanese, and this should give you an idea of how the massage works, with the masseuse using every inch of her body (and I mean every inch) to rub you from head to toe.

Jojo-7The Pure Nuru Massage Experience

To start your session it’s important that both the Pure Escort and the customer shower, but of course your showers will not be done separately. You’ll have your body cleaned and pampered by our escort in an sensual experience that will tease you and build up the excitement to your massage.

Once showered you’ll lay naked on the bed while your escort girl begins to rub the Nuru gel over your body. This will instantly get you tingling with excitement which will intensify further as you start to feel her smoother breasts, legs, and arms start to rub against every inch of your body.  Using some special techniques and positions you’ll find some very erotic parts of your bodies rubbing together in what will be a hugely erotic experience.

While many massage services don’t offer sex, or offer rather rushed or passionless ‘happy ending’ our Nuru massage service is very much dictated by your needs. If you want to focus fully on receiving a massage only service by one of our beautiful, trained escorts then that is totally fine, but if you’d like a more passionate sexual service that can also be arrange. Or, you can simply just see what happens and where your sexy, sensual massage experience takes you both..

Faline-7How to Book

If you’d like to book our Nuru massage service simply contact us and let us know any extra services you’d like and we can make some suggestions of which girl would be your best choice. We can combine a Nuru massage with any other service or special requests. Call us for same day appointments or send us an email to discuss and plan a future booking.


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