Top Lesbian Escorts in Bangkok

Erika-5Perhaps the most sought after sexual experience in Bangkok, what red-blooded, heterosexual man doesn’t fantasize about have two hot young Thai lesbians sharing his Bangkok hotel room?

So many guys travel to Thailand looking to make their lesbian dreams cum true. However, more often than not plans of that boy-girl-girl lesbian fantasy turn out to be super disappointing, often filled with uncomfortable and awkward moments and a series of unfulfilled promises..

How not to do it..

Most guys aren’t sure how to plan or where to start their Bangkok lesbian experience. Many will make the error of trying to pick up girls off the street, or off dating sites, which obviously comes with its own set of risks and safety concerns. Street girls and those on dating sites and places like craigslist, will say anything to get a customer, and the truth is when they don’t deliver on their promises who are you going to complain to?

The other popular route is to go to the gogo bars. Let’s get this straight, gogo bar girls are good at what they do but often the teasing doesn’t match the pleasing. A  gogo girl’s main job is to get tips, lady drinks, and bar fines, so a good gogo girl learns to flirt and tell the customer what he wants to hear, but once the bar fine is paid their job is basically done (which usually means changing out of those sexy clothes and into her jeans and T-shirt, literally clocking off). Let two gogo girls know you are looking for a lesbian experience and they will often start playing the part; touching and teasing each other, telling you some of the nasty things they like to do. Sometimes you get lucky and you find two genuine lesbian gogo dancers where the chemistry doesn’t fizzle out as soon as the bar fine is paid, but I’m guessing more than 9 times out of 10 the girls aren’t going to give you anything close to what resembles your actual lesbian fantasy, it’s just a show that won’t last as soon as you walk out of the gogo door.

Marry-1The typical Bangkok lesbian experience (if done incorrectly)

Typically a bar lesbian experience begins well, I mean at least there are promises made and your imagination starts to run wild, mentally watching the girls undress each other and begin to feel their bodies and tangle their tongues. That beginning pretty much ends the minute you make it back to your hotel room and it’s time for reality.

A bad Bangkok lesbian experience is bad for a few obvious reasons; The first problem is that one or both the girls aren’t actually lesbians/bisexual and have no interest in doing anything sexual with another girl. In this scenario you may get some fake kissing and pretend pussy eating, decorated with some unenthusiastic and clumsy touching, but it’s going to be boring at best and leave you feeling totally disappointed.

Another reason a lesbian experience goes wrong is simply because the girls aren’t professional or focused on making the customer happy. As we said, a lot of street girls and bar girls aren’t willing to go the extra mile to make you happy, their job is primarily about getting the customer interested and sealing the deal, when it actually comes to fulfilling their promises their motivation has faded. They basically want to make the customer cum in the quickest way possible and they know that playing with another girl is too much work, they’d rather just play with the customer and get the experience over with (not exactly how you imagined that one night in Bangkok fantasy playing out..).

Kate-5The Pure Bangkok Lesbian Experience (the right way to do it!)

Pure Bangkok Escorts pride themselves on their lesbian experiences. Where others get it all wrong, we know exactly how a great, fantasy fulfilling lesbian experience should be!

Our lesbian girls are 100% bisexual, meaning they love to play with guys and girls equally. They are also fully focused on giving you the experience you dream of, meaning if you want to watch a full on lesbian show they’ll give you exactly that, with wild and passion pouring from your hotel room, teasing you in to the action and pleasing you in every way imaginable.

Our business is built on delivering on our promises, and if you tell us exactly what you want we’ll give you just that. Our lesbian girls are certified bisexual babes, and when they are sent out to perform they don’t stop until you are done with them, it’s as simple as that.

Bena-1How to book your Bangkok lesbian experience

You really don’t need to take any risks or leave that Bangkok lesbian experience up to chance, all you need to do is contact us and tell us what you want and we’ll take it from there.

Once we know your lesbian fantasies we can suggest the perfect girls for your perfect night, and once you’ve confirmed your selected girls we’ll let them know what you want to experience and prep them with the right lingerie and sexy outfits, toys, and whatever other items they need to make sure this is one night you’ll never forget.

For immediate and same day bookings call us now! Or if you’d like to plan a future booking send us and email and we’ll help you arrange it.

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